Is there a swimming pool at your Guesthouse?

We have got a rather large swimming pool at our Guesthouse, which is available 24/7. It is not a heated pool and therefore, it is the most ideal to use during summer. We strongly advise parents to look after their children when they are using the swimming pool, as it is up to 2.5 meters deep on one side.

Terms & Conditions for using the swimming pool
– No glassware in and around the swimming pool is permitted
– No loud music is allowed
– No parties are allowed
– No Braai
– There may be a surcharge for any breakages, cleaning or any damages you caused
– You are using our swimming pool at your own risk.
– You must attend to your children at all times. Fever Tree Guesthouse or any of its staff members will take NO responsibility for any injuries or death that may occur during the usage of our pool or any other facilities.

You may find information about our liabilities on our website.